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  Homegrown is a live, local music program seen weekly on GCTV in Greenfield Massachusetts. The weekly Monday 7:00pm live taping and broadcast to Comcast Cable Greenfield Channel 15 is distributed by  FTP to local access stations throughout Massachusetts.. Homegrown is an all volunteer production made possible by underwriter support and tax deductible gift donations.

     Homegrown provides a professional, accessible soundstage for any greater Pioneer Valley musicians with a solid hour's worth of original material. Our objective is to capture, distribute and archive as many Pioneer Valley musical groups as possible for the purpose of preserving and promoting our exceptional local music community.  Homegrown began in 1997 as an outgrowth of a Johnny Memphis live performance radio program on WRSI. Originally produced by Marty McGuane and GCTV, the show has changed executive producers through the past 16 years.  Homegrown has produced over 700 shows in its 16 year history, showcasing both up and coming amateur acts as well as the most seasoned players in the Valley and regional music scene. We film the show live every other Monday night from 7:00-8:00pm, at GCTV Studio, 393 Main Street in Greenfield. All performances are free and open to the public.


 Time Schedule

Live televions demands a tight time schedule. Homegrown requests that bands arrive before 5:00pm for setup (earlier for acts requiring more than drum kit + 4 channels of sound, large ensembles, etc). An extensive soundcheck will be performed from around 6:00 to 6:30pm and the show will go live to from 7:00 sharp until 8:00pm with no commercial breaks.

What Valley Homegrown provides
​GCTV and Valley Homegrown provide the following equipment and services:- a handcart for load in and load out- a spacious soundstage with good acoustic qualities and visual appeal- a broadcast quality video capture of the performance with three simultaneous camera operators, and a director, sound technicians- full stage lighting- one DVD video and one HD Video capture of the performance at no charge, distribution of the performance to multiple access television stations in New England, and to Youtube as time allows.

Stuff homegrown needs from bands prior to the performance date
Website or other contact information- Number and type of instruments, number of vocal mic's needed- Musician or band biography (or links to a website with same)- Stage set up chart (optional)- CD or tape demo (optional). Electronic materials can be sent Other materials can be delivered to GCTV Studio at 393 Main Street in downtown Greenfield, MA. What you may need to provide, optional:- Music stands- Specialized mics (for harmonica, horns, etc.. phantom power available)- lighting rig (contact us with specific electrical requirements)- stage props

The homegrown performance should be approached as a studio recording. The most important factors in getting a good recording is for performers to feel comfortable and have a good time. The musical equipment also has to be given enough volume to achieve proper tone. The stage mix should be just as loud as it needs to be, and no louder. Homegrown can handle everything from accapella to marshall stacks, but best sound quality can be achieved when overall sound level is kept lower and bleed is minimized. If the band needs to be loud in order to have a good performance, then simply let it rip and we'll do our best to get a full sounding capture.

Does my band need a PA?

The Homegrown sound crew will do our best to achieve a reasonable stage monitor mix. Homegrown generally doesn't set up a room PA because extra speakers aren't useful for audio recording. The live audience can usually hear performers well enough with just the stage mix providing sound. If a band anticipates having more than 30 people in attendance, we'll work to get more suitable sound reinforcement for the audience -- please provide Homegrown two weeks notice or more if this is the case.

What to expect
The Homegrown and GCTV staff strive to present acts in the best possible manner. Performers are encouraged to have some fun with the show and promote whatever they may be working on or have upcoming. The show is live with no commercial breaks from 7-8:00pm. Performers will receive one stereo DVD and an HD H.264 file free of charge. Homegrown charges nothing for our normal services. However, non-typical production services may be negotiated for a nominal fee.

Homegrown, a volunteer run not for profit organization, will reserves the right to use the performance, either live or recorded, for fundraising activities, Homegrown promotion and general distribution. All monies raised from underwriting, special events and promotional sales will go exclusively to production and promotional costs, volunteer crew training, and occasional crew events. The remaining balance of all monies will go to a GCTV equipment fund for all GCTV community producers to use. Musicians retain sole rights to all other material. Homegrown charges no fee for the broadcast and recording services provided and encourages acts to use materials for promotion. Please properly credit production of materials used for promotion to Homegrown and