Allen & Heath ZED428 console

2 wedge monitors Crest ca6 amplifier 2-channel monitor mix· 2 dbx 166a compressor/limiter 2 FMR RNC stereo compressor/limiters Alesis 3630 compressor/limiter Alesis midiverb4 signal processor 1 proco db1 direct box, 1 DOD direct box· 8 mic stands with booms· Stage risers and studio lighting


NOTE: We do not own any guitar stands, instrument amplifiers, 1/4" instrument cables, etc.


5 Shure SM-57 dynamic· 
4 Shure SM-58 dynamic·
2 Sennheiser MD-421 dynamic·
1 Equitec E-100 LDC
6 Audio Technica mini-electret condenser
2 Beyer M69tg Hypercardioid dynamic
​1 CAD Trion 6000 LDC·
1 Shure PG-83 condenser·
​3 Oktava MK012 condenser·
2 ElectroVoice RE10 dynamic

1 ElectroVoice RE-20 dynamic

2 ElectroVoince N/D-468

​1 Little Blondie Omni Condenser